and help a refugee feel at home
We are seeking local residents of all ages and backgrounds to join our Local Buddy movement and help recently arrived refugees to integrate in our diverse community.
How is the registration process arranged?
Just fill in this short registration form and our coordination team will be in touch with you shortly to arrange for an interview. After the interview and introductory discussion, our team will try to find a refugee buddy in your area based on your common interests and backgrounds.
What do I need to become a Local Buddy?
There are no formal requirements apart from your genuine will to help others - and ability to allocate some time to it. Whether you were born and raised in Luxembourg or are part of the country's rich and diverse expat community, you are welcome to reach out to us. Share with us your interests, your passions and hobbies - this will help us to find a perfect buddy match for you. Although most of our buddy matches are built around sports (we are Sportunity, after all!) - there is no requirement of prior sports experience.
What would be expected from me?
Local buddies' essential role is to introduce their refugee peers to the life in our country - through integrating them in the country's sports life. We guide and help you in this process - starting with carefully matching each refugee buddy with a local volunteer. However, even if the buddy-ship starts with sports, it does not have to stop there! We pay a lot of attention to matching buddies according to their personalities and interests, and we hope that this little assistance could evolve into long lasting human connections opening new horizons and perspectives for the newcomers in our country.
Are kids able to participate?
We welcome volunteers of all ages, kids and teenagers included! However, for minors we will request that an adult (parent or teacher) supervise the Local Buddy involvement of the underage participants.
What if something goes wrong?
Based on our experience, we are pretty sure that everything will work just fine. However, in the event that an issue might arise, our team will be in contact both with the local buddies as well as with their refugee peers to assist you with all questions.