Sportunity in Numbers
In 2018, thanks to our pro-active attitude and personal commitment:
461 hours
of high-quality sport trainings were organised
393 people
of various ages attended our weekly classes
8 disciplines
were provided as open and fully inclusive sport trainings
7 locations
were covered by our team of professional trainers
How We Work
Sportunity is more than just sports. Take a look at what we do:
Integration in Steps
At Sportunity, we have developed a solid, hands-on experience of refugee integration. This is how it works:
Our team has a very proactive approach to the recruitment process, which means regular trips to all main refugee centres across Luxembourg to get in touch with the residents, get to know them personally and find out more about their needs.
Sport Activities
We provide free-of-charge, open-for-all, high-quality sport trainings, during which our participants can work on their physical form, de-stress, connect with others and find this crucial first point of contact with their new community.
Support & Mentoring
We strongly believe that everyone has something valuable to teach, especially those, who have already overcome their difficult circumstances. We are very adamant about giving them voice and opportunities to mentor and guide youth through different obstacles in life.
Individual Approach
Our work is dedicated to helping others, so it is crucial for us to always listen to those, who come to us for support. Our team knows all our participants well, regularly asks for feedback and organises meetings at their foyers to make sure we stay relevant to their needs.
Lasting Relationships
During our activities, several types of bonds are formed and in integration this is all it is all about! Our commitment, mentoring between trainers and participants, and friendships between peers. New roots start from a network of dependable people, on which you can rely, so you can grow, learn and thrive in your new cimmunity.
Mutual Benefits
It is called cultural exchange for a very good reason and we never forget it! Every single day, we have a privilege of learning from many different cultures of our participants and it helps us to understand them, their situation and the world around us.
Our shared values
We demonstrate day by day how peaceful and enriching diversity can be.
We stand for the values of humanity, diversity and social inclusion.
We work relentlessly in the field of refugee integration.
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